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When we talk about children. We speak of innocence and creativity. And, if we search of a primary source that all children approach to express their imagination, we point at Art.

Draw your dream” is an art project that falls under our education program. For the past 5 years, we implemented this behavior in many kindergarten and poor schools for the purpose of establishing an equality between public and private schools in terms of child development and child’s right to freedom of expressions that is written under article 13 of children rights.

An art teacher dedicated a one hour of her time once per week to teach art courses to children in Kindergarten. Besides that, we provide children with all needed tools to peruse their art into practice.

Students chose to draw things and objects that they wish to have. Such as a house, a car, a happy family, a musical instrument or any other object they don’t financially or psychologically obsess, just like in dreams. For this reason, we decided to name this project “Draw your dream”.

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