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Dr. Nadia Cheaib

Chairwoman Hope MCF – Chairwoman ClinGroup Holding

International Medical Research Expert, Social Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Social Art Creator

  • Dr. Cheaib is a Founder, Owner and Chairwoman of ClinGroup Holding, and its subsidiaries (ClinServ, ClinPharm, Clinfo1T, ClinAcademy, and CRUise), a leading group in Healthcare R&D in the Middle East and Africa, in terms of research design, implementation, writing, statistics, quality, logistics, communication and management

  • Dr. Cheaib completed her graduate studies in France. She gained a wide expertise in research and its standards, design, strategy and regulatory and also served as a consultant to Biotrial Paris, and GSK Bio Brussels. Between Europe and the Middle East, Dr. Cheaib has contributed to countless documented research and training projects serving the healthcare industry and its Allied Health Professionals locally, regionally, and internationally.
  • Dr. Cheaib devoted her time to promote healthcare consultancy based on professional standards and social responsibility, and dedicated from the beginning to utilizing its profits to support a foundation named after her late father The HOPE MCF (Mohamad Cheaib Foundation) and has been active since August 2008, contributing to major causes in healthcare, education, women empowerment and hunger.
  • The loss of both, her dedicated physician uncle and devoted father, both serving the cause of humanity and healthcare, inspired her scientific career path, strengthen her social commitment, and reinvigorated her childhood passion for music.
  • In addition to her international expertise in the sciences and in business, there is a complete other side to Dr. Nadia Cheaib. Dr. Cheaib, the pioneer of social art, dedicating her passion for music and art along with creativity to her very unique contribution in social activities and art. By creating innovative products and lifestyle. Dr. Cheaib has succeeded in sustainably serving humanitarian causes and promoting social responsibility.
  • Reclaiming, her artistic side, with a song dedicated to her late father, becoming later the hymn of any daughter’s love for her father and carrying the message of love, grace, gratefulness, ethics, and values, as learnt from him. The hymn could be sung to any father, for it emphasizes the positive impact of parents teachings that lead to the successes and achievements of their children..
  • Dr. Cheaib has received several Lebanese and International awards, including, Lebanon Outstanding Woman (from the Chamber of Commerce & Industry), Social Economic Award (from Banque du Liban), International Ultimate Professional Who’s Who, Geneva Quality Excellence Award, and Dubai Forbes Most Impactful Arab Woman.
  • Today, Dr. Cheaib has discovered the perfect balance as a chairwoman of a very professional scientific research organization, and also as the highly skilled art creator, dedicating her music and artistic skills to serving social, humanitarian and healthcare messages.

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